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SHAPES FITNESS Sucks!! I went there today (St. Pete, Florida) with $500 in my pocket. I had talked to a rep yesterday via phone. She seemed cool enough. I am a brass tacks kind of girl. I want to know how much it costs and what they have to offer. I made an appointment with the Asst. Manager for the next day. I arrived at the Shapes location twenty minutes early. I told them of my "appointment'. Well, the AM was out sick. Instead, I got some very strange girl who was obviously trained too aggressively on "SALE STRATEGIES". She was moving her head all around in a weird way, trying to make eye contact. I kept telling her that I "JUST WANT TO SEE THE FACILITY!" I said this at least three times. I had refused to fill out a clipboard form about my life. I kept telling her "I JUST WANT TO SEE THE FACILITY!" She persisted and kept saying "Well, I can't show you anything because you didn't fill out our form. I have no idea what I should show you!" Again, I said: "I JUST WANT TO SEE THE FACILITY!" She kept nodding her head all over the place to capture eye contact and ignored my requests.

This is a terrible mistake for the SHAPES organization. I was ready to spend at least $500 on a yearly membership. However, apparently you brainwash your employees to the point they don't hear the customer. This is so wrong.

I will NEVER join SHAPES. They are too screwed up!!!! BTW. I never did get to see the gym. I walked out because the sales rep kept insisting I fill out their *** form. Is this asinine or what???? Their LOSS!!!I I am taking my hundreds to the next gym. Even saying this freaks me out. In this economy, you would think businesses would respect the customer. I guess not. Like I said before; THEIR LOSS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shapes Total Fitness Membership.

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The people who work there are condescending. They let people wear street clothes in the pool and steam,and hot tub. Dirty very dirty


Been a member for a long time. Anyone that wants to brag about how much they have to spend on a club is a bit pompous.

Never had a trouble, always courteous and great classes.

Very nice place. Take your money to LA Fitness then.


That's unfortunate. Shapes where I go gave me a tour when I asked why I should join them instead of another gym.

I love shapes it's got everything plus jacuzzi, sauna and classes. And the women are there to get fit not pose.


I joined Shapes last November 2011 because they had late hours until 10 PM. Later that month they shortened hours until 9PM and said it was a "holiday schedule".

They kept the same hours in Jan-Feb-Mar saying that 9PM closing was "winter schedule". In April they said that they were still closing at 9PM because there was no one there to keep the club open until 10PM. This was a lie as I know many women there who swam until 10PM and like me were not happy at all about their lies. I used my membership for $299 just TWO times in one year.

They had the nerve to call me to solicit my joining for another year. I talked with the local office many time and of course they said it was a "corporate" decision.

They changed the terms of THEIR contract by closing early after I signed the constact. BEWARE --- DO NOT JOIN SHAPES ---- THEY MISLEAD AND WILL NOT HONOR THEIR CONTRACT!!!


Thinking about joining, now I'm confused. Need more reviews. Thanks.

Apparently no one asks the correct questions these days. Or reads the fine print in the convenience of their home within that same day or two?

They think a gym is a gym is a gym. Well it's not, I have been a member of Shapes now for 15 plus years, sure it doesn't run perfect but what business does.

The fact that I have a club to use that hasn't shut their doors, with no judgements, with kick-*** classes, pool, sauna, steam, CLEAN, and I don't pay extra for any of it, to me it's worth a annual $29.00 plus tax fee. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good and at my gym the good outway the bad everytime :grin
:zzz :p :grin :cry :roll ;) :upset 8) :(
I HATE the way Shapes company does business. PERIOD.

The contract did not match the pitch and the fees they added after the fact are OUTRAGEOUS. They throw in $29 for some crapo enhancement fee every 6 months and then have the nerve to hit you again with a processing fee to cover the little member tag. UGH! You have got to be kidding!

They take your HUNDREDS $, promise you the perks, and have you sign your name on a digital box. Then they SEND you the contract to your email. That is when you see the BOGUS additional fees - not before ....What a rip-off! I never saw those fees until I saw the contract.

The customer should ALWAYS see the contract before they sign it, not after! I called the manager immediately when I got home and saw the added fees- I called, she was gone, and of course I left a detailed message, and of course I received no response. The manager is a great gal - it is the company that SUCKS! I hate going there because I feel cheated.

If the manager removes the fees as she promised today when I went in there to cancell, I will work with her. If she does not, I am getting a lawyer to recover the hundreds I spent. I really HATE being conned. In this case, I believe that the company send the contract by email intentionally to make it nearly impossible to get your money back!

That is ILLEGAL practice is it not?

:( And another thing, the LEAST they could do is provide air conditioning! More later.

This woman obviously has issues. I've gone to Shapes for 10 years now AND worked there for a year (not in Sales).

The staff all along the way has been super friendly and helpful. The only forms guests are required to fill out are the general form (name, address, phone, "is this your first time in", "are you a previous member")...this is the OH-SO-DREADED-FORM that is on the clipboard at the front desk). The second form is only to find out what your expectations are for amount you're looking to spend on a membership, what your health goals are, and whether or not you have had any workout experience. "Oh my GOD I have to fill out a form?!?" get over it.

Get those brass tacks out of your *** and realize that any form you would have to fill out is to either protect you AND them from legal liability or for the Sales Consultant to get an idea of what services would work best for you. ***.


well why wouldn't you fill out the form?

every gym i've ever been to has had me fill out an insurance waiver. that way they know you won't sue them if you injure yourself.

makes sense to me!

they'd be *** to let you around their equipment without protecting themselves fro ma lawsuit first. why wouldn't you sign it?


was a member for about 8 years. didn't renew my contract.

thought i could do it on my own WRONG.

going to rejoin. YEA


I was thinking about joining-but after reading these reviews about the poor customer service I have decided against it.


That is crazy. I was a member there and I had a great experience.

My husband is in the military so we had to move but we are going back for a year and Im thinking of joining again. Maybe she was just an ***. It is actually the best gym I have ever joined and it has a lot to offer.

Thought I share! =)


Wow. Maybe that's why they are hiring?

(My email newsletter says they are) To try to improve staff? My location has totally helpful employees. I did not renew my membership when it expired and a year later I regretted it and decided to sign up again... they gave me a great deal and allowed me to modify my membership a year into my new one so I could travel between clubs.

It actually lowered my monthly cost! I'm glad I don't live in St. Pete.

Mika is awesome! I don't know what they pay her but she deserves a raise.

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