Just in case my experience will help anyone else: if you are attempting to cancel with Shapes Total Fitness, it must be received 30 days in advance of when your next payment would be deducted. Go to their website and cancel through there.

You WILL NOT receive any confirmation of cancellation only a "message received" auto response. If you call they will tell you you need to, you guessed it, go to the website and send an email.

Did not like Shapes Total Fitness in Brandon at all. Once you are signed up, they don't know you anymore, the employees are too busy talking to each other to notice your entrance and it is not a clean facility at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shapes Total Fitness Membership.

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I Felt the same way! Absolute jerks. They need to be shut down.


Hi i have to pay $101 bi weekly and its past the due date when i could cancel it....

So now im scared and dont know what to do i feel so afraod and alone that im just lot for words, i wish i saw this before i even had a chance to have another decision.....

If anyone has a suggestion then please if you could...help..

I had the very same experience with the automatic renewal. After many unanswered messages to corp office in Brandon, I sent a certified letter, Called again and was told they had no record of cert letter, So I sent them a copy of the receipt.

Was then told it takes 60 day to cancel. It cost me close to $75 after membership expired to cancel membership.

Will NEVER do business with them again. :( :

This just happened to me too! Beware!

They don't tell you that there's an automatic renewal of your membership after 30 days of your membership ending. What a scam!!! Then, I just called to investigate why I have been charged when I haven't even gone in over a year...and they tell me I will still be charged for two months of membership even after I cancel my membership d/t their 60-day cancellation policy.

Bull ***! Shapes is a scam!

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